About Connection Cube

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Location and Migration. Connection Cube is a graphic and web design studio, located in New Britain, Connecticut during the summer and Barcelona, Venezuela the rest of the year. Cleverly matching the migration rythms of its company founder Sean Hodge.

If I were clark Kent then Connection Cube would be Superman. It makes up the greater parts of me: my freelance work, my experience, my partnerships, my connections, and my underlying superpowers.

Sean Hodge - Web Designer and Principle Graphic Geek

All pretentious titles aside, I'm a freelance web and graphic design professional. I help businesses directly and I partner with other companies to help their customers.

Services - What can Connection Cube do for you?

Connection Cube offers complimentary services in graphic design, identity design, website interface and layout design, full website development, and content management. A startup is likely to need all of the services outlined below. A company well established with inhouse tech-savy employees may need a little design help. A graphic designer might need their beautiful photoshop website layout cut into html and css. So, Connection Cube caters to many different types of companies in different situations. Let me know your needs. Contact Sean at Connection Cube.

Complementary Services. A starup or a company in need of rebranding could take advantage of these services. This is a broad overview of how these services fit together in a nutshell, of course you could order them a la carte as well:

  • First I would design your Logo and Identity
  • Based on the Identity chosen I would then create a Website Layout Design that complements the Logo and Identity
  • Custom graphics would be created as well based on your needs, like promotional banners for example.
  • Then once this design is approved by you I would code the file in xhtml/css
  • After, that is done I would utilize Drupal, or the Content Management system of your choice, along with other web technologies to build your dynamic website.

Logo and Identity Design

Your Flag. Logos are an important part of a companies overall identity. They are your companies flag waving on its mast. I create logos that look great, have personality, and represent your company exceptionally.

Variety and Aesthetics. The logos I create work well on everything. I deliver logos in a range of formats for the wide range of uses a company needs. I deliver one color, two color, multiple color, and stylized versions. The logos I create range from simple to complex, illustrative to web 2.0, and they blend classic design principles with a modern design aesthetic. I have serviced a wide range of industries and company sizes, from startups to well established companies.

Complete Packages. Corporate Identity takes the identity process further than just a logo. A companies identity can carry across any medium and make up much more than just visual style. What I focus on delivering are complete packages in the areas I service.

Together or Apart. My focus is on delivering a complete package that works together, while each item shines on its own. Your companies website and stationary could be delivered together as a cohesive package. Stationary makes up: logo, business cards, letterhead, envelope and any other printed materials needed. Of course there are other pieces I could create as well, like a complete style manual for your company, t-shirts, or unique graphics for your advertisements.

Website Layout and Interface Design

Attractive and Functional. My work is a blend of attractive graphics and functional design. I specialize in making high end visuals that engage both you and your audience. The websites I design follow good information design and web architecture principles allowing information to be accessed swiftly and easily. Websites I designed recently:

Custom Graphic Design

Unique and Integrated. If you need to only redesign a small graphic area of your website then I can help with that too. Maybe you've budgeted for a redesign of your header on your website. Maybe your starting a web ad campaign and need an exciting solution that integrates into your brand. Possibly, you need some printed sales materials to complement your online presence. Or, you just want to include some promotional areas that stand out into a website that I'm creating for you. I service all these needs and more.

XHTML/CSS development

Semantics and Implementation. I produce semantically correct CSS-based templates that can be implemented across a wide variety of Content Management Systems. I can also optimize this code for integration with Drupal. Your budget and needs will depict the extent of testing completed. Minimum Testing will include these browsers IE6, IE7, IE Firefox, and Firefox on Mac.

Website Development and Content Management

Communication and Process.Website development is a process. It is built in stages and your company is actively involved in each of these stages. You will have ample room to provide feedback as the project develops. Ultimately, your project will convey your brand effectively, look established and professional, enhance your users experience, and meet your companies goals.

Features and Possibilities. I build feature rich websites quickly and cost effectively. Whether your company needs an online brochure, a fully content managed, a social networking platform, ecommerce, multilingual, or more I can deliver. I build your website on a platform that allows for infinite growth. Common functionality is included as standard, with a extensible architecture to allow your site to evolve with the growth of your business.

Drupal, Drupal, Drupal. Yes I am a Drupal member. Beware, soon the internet will turn blue. Drupal is an open source content management system. Oh, but it is so much more than that. Drupal is a framework for building websites. Its modular, filled with great coded goodness, and scales very well. It works for a small company just getting started and scales to enterprise level needs. Drupal is the content management system and framework I specialize in.

So, no matter what size your company is now and what it becomes Drupal can accommodate the growth. I also work with some of Drupal's cousins, like Joomla and Wordpress.

Training Based Services

Education is Power. I am a big believer in client education. The more you know the better your company will function. This ties into using content management systems, like Drupal, which allow you to edit your own content. I provide these training based services:

  • Instruction based Screencasts or Written Documentation
  • Training with Email or Chat, or over Skype (phone)